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Agoura Hills Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen showcases your personality as a homeowner since its style and design will represent how you meet your family’s needs and how well you can accommodate your visitors. With our vibrant and stunning designs, your kitchen counters can be a real show for your house.

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Our Agoura Hills kitchen countertops and cabinetry experts at MLL Custom create practical kitchen designs that will give a noticeable character to your home. We know whether you need the charm of marble countertops, the simplicity of butcher block counters, or the sleek, spotless style of new composite counters.

We look at your area, talk about your ideas, and incorporate harmonizing, impressive kitchen counters into your overall design. If you just want a modification on your countertop, our expert designer will assist you in picking the right material and color for you, as well as suggest other affordable design changes that will give a new significance and alluring touch to your kitchen

We are your Agoura Hills kitchen countertops, cabinets, remodeling, and design specialists, with over several years of experience providing lavishing, luxury home design to personalities, influencers, and business enthusiasts who desire sophisticated and comfortable space at the end of their busy days.

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High-End Kitchen Counters

We understand that choosing a kitchen countertop can appear to be a simple task in terms of all the design elements that come together to create a seamless look; however, there are actually several points to never neglect in terms of type of material, style, color, thickness, bevel, and overhang.

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As we start, we will listen to your intended usage and preferred maintenance levels. Although some materials can be used to produce extremely beautiful, high-end countertops, they all need different types of care and maintenance to keep their unique appearance. If you’re a regular home chef or a party host, the amount of use and wear your kitchen receives can influence which countertop is best for you. Our Agoura Hills kitchen countertop experts will assist you in choosing the best countertop for your planned visual and custom.

We recommend marble, quartz, and composite/solid-surface materials for your kitchen countertop materials if you want them relatively simple to maintain while still getting a striking quality. On the other hand, if you want something truly special and exceptional, eco-friendly room, tile, concrete, glass, or even certain types of wood could be used as non-traditional countertop materials.

We will make sure to provide references that will suit your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. Don’t worry, for our kitchen countertop experts will go over your choices, consider the room’s general design, and choose materials that perfectly fit your style.

Countertops for Bars & Islands

Whether you have a shortage of counter space in your existing kitchen or you’re looking for a unique way to add seating to your kitchen to increase its entertaining value, we have it all covered for you.

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Our professionals can help in replacing your island countertops or even build a new island or bar space in addition to regular cabinet countertops. We can also create a pleasant reading corner, some built-in shelving, a desk area, or a mini-bar to your space. Just state your request, and we can put magic into it.

Your style will be our basis in creating and installing your dream kitchen. We assure a complete space with extraordinary, organized, and aesthetic countertops that are also sophisticated. We will map out exceptional overflow/waterfall-style countertops, coordinated backsplashes, and even floating countertops to make your space unique and memorable.

We guarantee that all kitchen design and essentials our experts provide are not only ideally tailored to your style, space, and budget but that they also work together as part of your overall unified design. We make sure that every top sits in its right place. We can’t wait to hear your feedback every morning when you’re about to prepare your breakfast and realize the beauty we have done to your home.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Agoura Hills Kitchen Countertops mll logo client 300x155Our Agoura Hills kitchen countertops and remodeling experts at MLL Custom will create eye-catching, concrete, and cost-effective spaces with a high-end design that suits your routine, financial plan, and household.

Our designs are not only for celebrities or the ultra-wealthy but for any homeowner looking for an innovative remodeling solution. Our talented interior designers will give you the satisfaction you just need and even exceed it. We will materialize your vision, take into account your desires, and develop a practical design that is tailored to your and your home’s personality.

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