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Placentia Custom Closets

Your daily routine will most likely begin and end in the closet; hence it’s necessary to make it as organized, functional, and glamorous as possible. To help you achieve this goal with ease, check out MLL Custom‘s world-class Placentia custom closets for you and your family!

Placentia Custom Closets pexels anastasia shuraeva 5705490 200x300We understand that your closet is one of the most important private areas of your home. Aside from having it reflect your style and personality, it should also be customized and organized to promote productivity and creativity, among many other things.

Our team is composed of expert designers and experienced carpenters who will work with your unique ideas to bring the best custom closet to your home. With your personal touch, you will have a stylish closet that is completely set apart from others. We will only offer our expert guidance as you choose what style, texture, hardware, and accessories best fit your taste and lifestyle.

If you want the best Placentia custom closet that is not only built to maximize your space but also to give it a modern, luxurious look, discover your limitless design options with us today.

Call MLL Custom at (310) 361-2588 for your Free Consultation with a Placentia Custom Closet expert!

Custom Closets for Efficiency and Maximum Storage

If there are two things that every closet should have, it is a great storage space and apparent efficiency. MLL Custom can give you all these without any inconvenience, mess, or issue of any kind.

With the help of our skilled in-house designers, you can choose among hundreds of possible ways in which you can increase your closet’s storage capacity while ensuring that the design will enforce the appropriate organizational flow.

Our goal is to provide you with a fully customized closet for systematically laid-out storage according to the exact way you dress. We will make sure that as much as you can fit all your clothes and future purchases in your custom closet, you can also easily dress up by putting the right stuff close to each other.

By letting us help you set up an efficient closet system, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Specific storage layout and capacity for your wardrobe
2. Easily accessible clothes and other regularly used items
3. Added shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces

Designed Especially for You

Given that your closet is part of your morning and evening routines, it will consequently have an effect on your mental, emotional, and productivity status. If you see nothing but an organized and attractive closet, it can give you the feeling of peace that is necessary for starting and ending your day.

Placentia Custom Closets pexels max vakhtbovych 6301178 300x200MLL Custom’s goal is to provide you with high-quality Placentia custom closets that will let you relax and focus on important matters of the day. We are experienced in giving households their respective storage spaces with regards to our clients’ design preferences, budgets, and lifestyles. Although we boast of our European-style custom closets and other furniture, our top-notch designers and carpenters can complete any style you desire with as much expertise and meticulous craftsmanship.

Some of the things that we can add to make your closet more personalized are the following:

1. High-quality doors with custom glass or other mirrored inserts
2. Angled shoe organizers
3. Shelves with adjustable heights
4. Rounder corner handing space
5. Central island
6. Crown molding
7. Full extension drawers
8. Tall enclaves
9. Full-length mirrors
10. And hundreds of other closet accessories

Discuss your ideas with our closet designers, and we guarantee that we can achieve your goals with your expectations exceeded—beauty and functionality considered.

Luxurious Custom Closets Within Your Reach

With the right partner, luxury is not at all hard to achieve. That’s what we have been proving at MLL Custom. With years of successful service both in Europe and America, we have satisfied thousands of clients with luxurious custom closets and other fine-crafted furniture.

Should you decide to work with us, we won’t just provide you with mediocre closets that almost look like any other closet you can find in standard hotels or b&b. Instead, we will let you design your closet with the expert assistance of our team, giving you a luxurious storage space that is made to last for a long time.

Using only superior materials, our team of professional carpenters can surpass any industry or client standards. Aside from offering a myriad of options when it comes to materials, finishes, and styles, we also aim to incorporate as many closet accessories as possible to maximize your space and up its overall appeal.

Included in the accessories that you can install for a more stylish and functional closet are the following:

1. Extendable valet rod that you can use to prepare your next outfit
2. Velvet-lines jewelry trays
3. Pull-out rack for your outfit accessories (scarves, hats, etc.)
4. Fold-up ironing boards
5. Belt spinner
6. Tie rack or hanger
7. And many more!

All you have to do is tell our designers how you envisioned your closet to be, and we will do our best to realize it in the best possible way. Even better, we will do it in a less expensive way than you may think. With our manufacturing facilities based in Poland, where production costs are way less, we can offer competitive prices that will allow you to achieve luxury without shelling out huge amounts of money.

Complete Placentia Custom Closet Solutions

As much as we love providing high-quality closets and other furniture, we also give importance to the quality of customer experience that we are giving our clients. Every member of our team puts our customers as the priority, allowing us to give you a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Placentia Custom Closets pexels victoria borodinova 3315286 236x300For your satisfaction, our working process starts with earnestly listening to your ideas and the things important for you in the project. By understanding your goals and personality at the beginning, we can create the most appropriate project plan and proceed to fabricate and install your custom closets with much more ease.

We also make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the final look of your closet. Our in-house designers can either work with your ideas or exchange thoughts with your designer if you have any. We can give you design proposals and ask for your feedback to apply all the appropriate changes in the manufacturing process. The best thing is, we give you this design in 3D photorealistic rendering, allowing you to fully see all the details of your closet and help you decide more appropriately.

Once you have approved the proposed design, our fabricators will proceed to bring it to life. All of the materials that we’re using have passed—and even exceeded—the industry standards. Combine this with our expert craftsmanship and low production cost; you are guaranteed to have a luxurious custom closet that will stand the test of time without costing you too much.

Even better, we have our professional team that will ensure that your closet will be secured flawlessly in your home. We strive to finish the process in the most convenient way possible, saving you time, money, and stress altogether.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation

Placentia Custom Closets mll logo client 300x155MLL Custom is a dedicated provider of modern home living solutions, giving every client extreme satisfaction with custom furniture that fully reflects their personality and addresses their needs and lifestyle. Our Placentia custom closets and cabinets are available in countless design options waiting for you to choose them.

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, so feel free to choose among our available inspiration photos or tell us the specific details you want to be included in your closet. Our designers will do their best and give you the perfect product in the most time- and budget-friendly way possible.

Call MLL Custom at (310) 361-2588 for your Free Consultation with a Placentia Custom Closet expert!