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Sunland Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Improve the core of your home with fashionable, economical custom kitchen cabinetry! Your most valuable kitchenware needs attractive, long-lasting custom cabinets that are perfectly suited to your space in terms of size and aesthetics.

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MLL Custom’s kitchen cabinet designers are aware that the overall efficiency and attractiveness of your kitchen influence functionality, form, material, and finish. We work closely with our customers to understand what they expect of the room and create a tailor-made strategy for the best implementation.

Upgrading your kitchen in several different ways comes easy for our experts. Starting from projects as basic as repainting or renovating your cabinet faces to an entire makeover of designs and elements, such as putting in bars, islands, and pantries. We can also add extra storage solutions like hanging wine glass containers, wine bottle storage, integrated spice frames, lazy Susan, or a secret wastebasket.

As much as you aim to build a highly practical and operational kitchen, our Sunland custom kitchen cabinetry service is also tailored to give you a beautiful space that will allow you to move naturally around while being comfortable for your family and guests too.

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Complete Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Numerous clients we have encountered want a fully redesigned kitchen. We offer a full-service renovation of your kitchen, from the concept to the assembly and finishing.

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Working with our specialized kitchen cabinets experts will make it easy for you to get the best results for your remodeling project. Being with a professional who understands both functionality and an attractive design will pave the way for your dream kitchen cabinet.

Collaborating with a full-service Sunland kitchen replacement company like us ensures that you have one supplier and consistent assistance in every stage. Our goal is to help you identify the elements where to go if you have sufficient room to add an island or to refine your kitchen so that it is easier to match the way you use it.

We recommend functional and productive upgrades to your room. We will be beside you helping to choose the perfect finish, countertop, and hardware to connect the whole look of your kitchen in a seamless, smart way.

We guarantee that our cabinet manufacturers are working directly with our designers to validate that they are producing the exact cabinet in the design so that if our experts install the cabinet in your space, there will be no unnatural gaps, and it’s all going to be just as you’ve imagined.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Refacing

If your kitchen doesn’t need a full renovation, our Sunland custom kitchen cabinetry also offers minor upgrades such as refacing and refinishing your old cabinets. No matter how much change you want to make, our experts can give you the perfect solution for your kitchen cabinetry project.

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Depending on the current situation of the kitchen and the needs of the homeowner, we supply both cabinet refinishing and cabinet rearrangement. We can remove and finish your doors with cabinet refurbishing, restore their original finish, use a different shade of stain and sealer, or coat them with a lasting cabinet paint resulting in an appealing color.

We will remove your original doors, fix and refurbish your cases if necessary with the cabinet repair, and substitute old doors with new doors and equipment. You may update the door style and the finish as well. Let our experts know of your demands, and we will make it happen.

Cabinet Modifications & Feature Additions

We’re building kitchens that are exactly right for you! In addition to the customization of cabinets, the refinishing, or the replacement of your current cabinets, we have a number of other services to complete your dream kitchen remodeling project.

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We can provide you with customized islands, bars, storage areas, and cabinet storage facilities or provide innovative storage solutions in your kitchens. Under-sink shelving, secret microwaves, storage of wine and wine glass, integrated spices, built-in sorting of utensils, stacked upper cabinets, pantry shelf pullouts, cabinet pullouts, and many other functional features can be added—making life a little bit more comfortable in your kitchen.

We will talk over what amenities will best benefit your remodeling project and allow you to create a very productive and practical kitchen area. Also, our team works on outdoor kitchen cabinet solutions as well.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Sunland Custom Kitchen Cabinetry mll logo client 300x155In addition to replacing your cabinets, MLL Custom also wants to build a strong and long-term relationship with the design community and our clients. With us, you will find it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to get to the kitchen of your dreams. Working with our own Sunland custom kitchen cabinetry experts means getting special access to a wide range of customized cabinet solutions for any budget or aesthetics.

Tell us about your idea of your dream project. You may simply fill in the request form, call us, discuss your ideas, or email us with a description of what you want.

Call MLL Custom at (310) 361-2588 for your Free Consultation with a Sunland Custom Kitchen Cabinetry provider!